Azure S2S with Sonicwall Firewalls


I was working on a new Azure Site 2 Site VPN, and the one thing to remember is:
The LOCAL and REMOTE networks

My Site 2 Site VPN was connected successfully but traffic wouldn't flow from both directions. On checking the VPN Policy, i noticed:

Firstly> The Policy Type was TUNNEL> This was wrong, even though the VPN was connected and would only be required if i created a static route to flow traffic from on-premise to the Azure VPN GATEWAY> This was changed to Site to Site

Secondly> On changing this to Site to Site, i could then define the local and remote networks. Local Networks was changed to my address object (firewalled subnets, which was I had created earlier)

Remote Networks was changed to my address object for the LAN within the Azure environment,

Hitting Save and re-trying ping tests, confirmed i could speak to both environments > Azure to On Premise/ On-Premise to Azure